Illamasqua Beyond Powder Highlighter in Deity Review

So I’m doing my first beauty review today and it’s of a highlighter I stumbled upon on Amazon for about £26. I don’t wear highlighters on a daily basis, but I enjoy doing make up looks with them from time to time and if I’m feeling particularly adventurous then I’ll wear it on my cheekbones and the tip of my boop.

Highlighter and book flatlay

To start with the packaging of this product is really sleek and looks very expensive. I’ve never tried an Illamasqua product before because £26 for one product is a little out of my price range, I mean I’ve tried free samples from them but I wasn’t exactly wowed by them, so in all honesty I don’t know why I purchased this product, but what I will say is I’m very impressed with it.

highlighter close-up

It’s a bit more yellow-toned to what I’d normally opt for in a highlighter. You’ll usually, if and when I decide to where it, catch me in a more pinky/blush hue. However, I am really appreciating the subtle illuminating glow this highlighter gives me which makes it perfect for daily use.

Hihghlighter swatch

Applying the product is super easy, I just use one of my revolution highlighter brushes and apply it. It’s almost creamy and buttery in texture, which is strange considering it’s a powder, but I really like it’s subtle glittery goodness.

Overall, I’d say this product wasn’t entirely worth the price in my opinion but if you’re looking for a treat then I’d definitely recommend it, especially if you’re more into subtlety.

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4 thoughts on “Illamasqua Beyond Powder Highlighter in Deity Review

  1. It looks so pretty! I don’t often spend a lot on makeup (the drugstore just has some amazing products right!), but this does look right up my street

    Katie |


  2. This looks like such a pretty product and the texture looks super interesting! I’ll be honest, I tend to be a bit of a splurger when it comes to makeup but I’ve never used Illamasqua products before! I’ve always heard good things though so I may need to try some out.


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