How To Practise Gratitude + Why It’s So Beneficial For Your Wellbeing

Recently, I began practising daily gratitude again and I suppose that’s what inspired me to write this blog post. Practising gratitude is beneficial for your wellbeing and mental health for a number of reasons, the main one being is that it trains your brain to see the positive. We all know that the energy we put out into the world is the energy we get back, so it makes sense that by practising gratitude we are training our brains into viewing and perceiving the world we live in and the lives we lead in a more positive manner.

In the past I have used Mal Paper’s Daily Goal Setter planner, which is a great planner, to practise gratitude as it had a small section each day to jot down what I had to be grateful for. Nowadays, I use the 6 Minute Diary, which has sections for gratitude, how I made today great, what I can do to improve as well as weekly happiness questions. I find this better for gratitude as it’s more targeted towards happiness and wellbeing.

But you can practise gratitude in any way you see fit, even on a piece of scrap paper. Personally, I like to have it all in one place so any journal or notebook will do for this exercise.

Most people start by simply listing off a few things each morning or evening that they have to be grateful for but I find it helpful to go one step further and ask myself why I’m grateful for these things. I.e I’m grateful for my dogs because they make me happy and pet therapy is very important for my mental health.

It’s by asking ourselves these ‘whys‘ that we begin to see the reason why these things we’re grateful for are so important to us and once we understand their importance we can appreciate them all the more.

I’ve personally found happiness through practising daily gratitude and I find it’s a great habit to pick up, especially if you’ve been feeling low and a bit stagnant in life. I’ve found when I’m in the ritual of practising gratitude, I’m a much more positive and upbeat person compared to when I don’t practise it. It’s easy to forget sometimes what we have in our life that brings us abundance, joy and happiness. So therefore it’s important for our wellbeing to practise gratitude daily.

So that’s how and why practising gratitude is so important for our wellbeing.

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29 thoughts on “How To Practise Gratitude + Why It’s So Beneficial For Your Wellbeing

  1. I like that when you mention gratitude, you also mention your WHY. I can sit for ages and think about things I’m thankful for, but diving into WHY I’m thankful for them provides a whole other experience! I definitely need to consider that when I’m doing gratitude journalling.

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  2. I’ve used the Mål Planner too, but the 6-Minute Diary sounds nice as well!
    That’s wonderful to hear you’ve found happiness by practicing gratitude & I think it’s great you also go into why you are grateful!

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  3. I agree with your points. Practicing gratitude does not only help with your mental health and mind, it also affects your physical health as well.

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