The Importance Of Feeling Important

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I used to view feeling important as such a negative thing, but recently my viewpoint has changed and I’m now starting to see the importance in feeling important. I didn’t actually know before researching for this blog post that it’s one of the fundamental human needs, and I didn’t realise I’d been living my life over the past few years denying myself through emotional self-sabotage of this basic human need.

Having a sense of self importance can be so beneficial as if we don’t feel like we’re important enough we may allow others to take advantage of us, our mood can suffer and so can our mental health in general. A feeling of importance can help us go about our day with less anxiety and fear, it can improve our mood if we feel as though our purpose here on this earth is of importance.

I just want to put a disclaimer here and say that no matter what you do in life, whether you have a strong sense of direction or you’re getting by, your purpose here on this earth is of importance and you should never forget that, no matter how you feel about yourself.

Certain things contribute to your sense of feeling important, such as your life purpose, your support network and your core beliefs about yourself. So it makes sense that if we feel as though we’re not important we should work on one of these three aspects, there could be more that I haven’t thought of, but these were the three that sprang to mind when I was journaling and began to question whether or not I felt important.

You could take a few moments to think or write down where you feel as though your sense of self importance is lacking. Maybe you haven’t figured out your life’s purpose yet, and that’s okay. Maybe you haven’t got the best support network around you, or you haven’t found your tribe yet, and that’s okay too. Or maybe your core beliefs about yourself aren’t the nicest.

I’m no therapist, I can only speak from personal experience, but for me personally, it comes down to my core beliefs about myself, which I’m working through with a therapist. So, while you’re going about your day, take a minute to consider whether or not you feel important in your day to day life. Really check in on your mental wellbeing and if you feel important, well that’s great, but if you don’t, then there’s always help out there.

Wherever you are in your journey, I wish you all the best.

Until next time,

Beth. x

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15 thoughts on “The Importance Of Feeling Important

  1. Thank you for sharing such an important message. I love that you broke down the main factors that impact your feeling of importance and how you can improve it. While there is no ‘quick fix’ or instant solution, it’s definitely an area of our lives that we can actively work on with a little focused effort! I know that changing my career and finding one that fits with my passions really helped me with my feeling of importance as I felt like I really had something to bring to the world in my new role.


  2. I can relate to this so much!! The world feels so different when you feel like what you’re doing has some value, even if it’s only a smaller step in a much bigger picture or the added value is simply enjoyment in your own life. It isn’t necessarily linear progress but it’s such an important thing to work on x



  3. Thanks for sharing – this is such an important read! I appreciated the disclaimer you outlined, as well as your own journey with figuring out the importance of feeling important. Great post!


  4. Thanks for sharing Beth, I think that sometimes we can undersell ourselves and be a little too harsh on ourselves, at my age you begin to realise the really important things in life are priceless! Great thought provoking post


  5. I sometimes forget to have self importance, it can be so easy to make sure everyone around you is okay and you forget to make sure you are good. Since blogging I am learning to make time for myself and my self importance.


  6. If I’m honest, I’m a little addicted to feeling useful to the world. This can be for a company, for friends, for almost anything. However, self importance is a whole other game and it’s something to definitely work on. Doing much better than I used to though, so thanks for also reminding me how far I’ve come and how important this is (and that it’s different from arrogance or entitlement).


  7. This has rung true to me. As a kid, I never felt important. I grew up with four other siblings and struggled to find my own spotlight. I grew into knowing how important it is to know my own role and importance. It was tough but I’m a happy little add on to my family now



  8. Definitely we have to feel important. I never even thought about this to be honest, but maybe I thought about it as “I matter” If I matter, then of course I am important! But it’s great you are highlighting this as many might be so hard on themselves as to believing that they are not important, or don’t matter. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Beautifully written! I believe that feeling important IS important – whether it’s valuing yourself or having others in your life who value you. You are worth something and that means that that atmosphere created surrounding you should be safe and make you feel worthy. Love this!


  10. This is such an important message and definitely one I’m guilty of not paying enough attention to. Thank you for sharing – this is definitely making me think right now.


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