8 Mental Health Benefits Of Journaling

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I wanted to talk a little bit today about journaling and all it’s positive mental health benefits. I’m a huge fan of journaling in general and expressive writing so a post like this is right up my street. Journaling is a great hobby as it’s so inexpensive, all you need is your mind, your imagination, a cheap notebook and a pen. Journaling can also lead to great things, I often find inspiration for poems and prose when I’m writing about my thoughts and feelings in my journal, but it’s great as a standalone thing as well, especially for our mental wellbeing.

So, how does journaling improve our mental health? Here’s 8 way it does just that.

Improves your memory:

When we’re suffering from a mental illness, like depression or anxiety for example, our memory can often suffer. Journaling helps with the memory process and can help us process and ‘soak in’ the events of our day.

Offers a place to express our emotions:

Journaling offers a safe space for us to express our most inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. It’s a healthy coping mechanism and a brilliant habit to build up.

Offers a place to practise gratitude:

I know I preach a lot about practising gratitude but it really has worked wonders for me, I’ve done a blog post all about how to practise it and why it’s so important if you fancy reading more but long story short, it helps us improve our general wellness by learning to appreciate the present moment and what we have more.

You can track your symptoms day by day:

Say if you experience anxiety one day, hallucinations the next and depression throughout, it enables you to keep track of these symptoms in order to show your therapist for example. Tracking your symptoms in this way can be great, you can get really creative by it by doing charts, colour-coding and ranking your mood out of ten and so much more.

It increases self-awareness:

Expressive writing in this way can help boost your own awareness of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, or even any symptoms your experiencing of a mental illness. It enables you to explore your own experiences and increase your own awareness about them.

Helps you to identify negative self-talk and practise positive self-talk instead:

Through journaling we can learn to identify where we’re talking to ourselves in a negative way, or beating ourselves up over something. Then, we can learn to replace these thought processes with positive ones through positive self-talk and affirmations.

Reduces Stress:

Journaling is proven to reduce stress levels by offering an emotional release. If I’m having a particularly stressful day I find that by writing about it I decrease the power the stress has over me and I feel so much more relaxed afterwards.

Creativity helps to improve mental health as a whole:

As with any creative endeavour there’s a certain level of emotional release that it provides. Creativity, such as expressive writing or journaling, is a proven way to help boost mental wellbeing.

So those were 8 benefits that journaling has to your mental health as a whole. I hope this has inspired you to pick up that pen and your notebook and get writing.

Until next time,

Beth. x

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26 thoughts on “8 Mental Health Benefits Of Journaling

  1. My blog is like my little journal and I 100% agree with all of these points, especially the one on self-awareness. It’s so tough trying to find words to expalin how you feel, and as difficult as it is, sometimes that’s what we need. Just to figure ojt a way to express our feelings!


  2. I find writing things down really helps. When I get stressed/down, I open Google docs on my phone and type up everything in my head and just let it flow out of me. It’s such a release and sometimes I get some great poetry!!


  3. Absolutely love journaling for all of the above. We love talking about our feelings and sometimes when we cant find the right words to express them to our partners or friends and family, we write. We also write to make sure we keep track of all the things we want to do during the day and we make a mental note of why. Practising gratitude keeps us in the present moment and you find yourself smiling all day through. In our journal there is a little section that says “What was the best thing that happened today” and i love that bit. For when you practise gratitude there are so many wonderful things that you can write down as your “Best thing”. And it does help mental health and improves your mood. Thanks for writing x


  4. Journalling is a fab way of getting your thoughts out onto the page, isn’t it? I must admit I don’t journal that much, but when I do, find it so helpful!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics


  5. I’ve always wanted to start journalling but never got round to it. These points are definitely a boost to get me to start, as I literally need to improve in so many of these areas!


  6. Great list of benefits. I love writing and taking time to write helps me to relax and be creative. It’s also great to journal prayers and self reflect on where you are in life and where you would like to go!


  7. Journaling is such an important tool for mental health. I personally journal for self-awareness and simply to end the day on a positive note as I tend to reflect more positively when writing. Great post!


  8. You are SO right: there are tons of mental health benefits to journaling. That’s why I’m so sad that I never seem to be consistent with the ones that I start. I honestly need to not only get back to it, but prioritize it. I know it could make such a difference in my life!


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