4 Ways Yoga Helps Me

A few months ago, I bought a yoga mat from Amazon. I thought, well, I’ve tried meditation and that’s helping, so why not try something else that’s often recommended as a way to boost your mental wellbeing? That’s when I began to practise yoga. Sure, I wasn’t very knowledgeable about yoga, I mean, I knew a couple of poses from when I used to do it years ago, but that’s besides the point.. Practising yoga in a mindful way has helped me so much. This, along with other changes to my lifestyle such as the food I eat, my meditation practises and journaling and practising gratitude has helped boost my overall wellbeing so much.

Anyway, here’s how yoga helps me:

Improves my sleep:

I’ve noticed an actual improvement in my quality of sleep lately, and although there are other factors that come into play not just the fact I’ve been doing yoga, I believe yoga has been a huge help in this.

It resets my anxious mind, making me feel less stressed:

Taking the time to get in tune with myself, similar to meditation, helps reset my mind when I’m anxious. It gently pulls me back to the present moment and makes me feel less stressed.

Gives me more energy:

I find that yoga makes me want to work out. I don’t know why, it just does. I usually start and end my work-outs with yoga practises. It gives me more energy in general.

I’m better at looking after myself:

Yoga is brilliant at connecting the mind, soul and body and I’ve found that since I started practising yoga I’m better at looking after myself and doing my self-care routine for example.

It’s still early days on my yoga journey and I’m reading lots of blog posts at the moment to fully understand the different poses and what not and how to incorporate it into my spiritual practises – like meditation, journaling and stuff but I’m optimistic that yoga will continue to help me and improve my mental health.


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Hi there, I'm a lifestyle blogger/content creator/poet from Shropshire, just blogging my way through life.

9 thoughts on “4 Ways Yoga Helps Me

  1. Yoga is my go-to for when I feel like I need a really good stretch, but I’d never thought about it as an energy booster. I’ll be trying this for when I’m feeling sluggish and let you know how I get on! x


  2. I never tried. I’ve always considered yoga boring. I am full of energy and I like strength gymnastics. I am curious about yoga exercises. Exercise but not meditation.


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