Why I’m Ditching The Comfort Zone After Lockdown

This past year I’ve pretty much been in hibernation, I used lockdown as an excuse to hide away from my anxiety but it wasn’t all bad – I did make huge strides in my recovery from mental illness. I’ve been working so hard on improving my mental health through journaling, improving my diet, exercising, meditation, practising gratitude, deep introspection and yoga.

I’m pleased to say I’m back on track now and I’m thinking more towards the future and how I want to go about building a life for myself that I’m happy with. I’m not saying the key to happiness is solely built on preparing for the future, no, I personally think it’s about finding that balance between happiness, joy and contentment in the now and excitement for what’s to come. I’ve learnt that a lot through my gratitude practises as the only moment we truly exist in is the present; if you haven’t read my post yet on how & why you should practise gratitude you can do so here.

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

This year, after lockdown’s over, I’ve decided to ditch my comfort zone and here’s why:

We exist in three zones at any one time – our comfort zone, our stretch zone and our panic zone. Our comfort zone is where we feel comfortable and secure, our stretch zone is where we’re able to learn and build and grow through experience and action and our panic zone is where we feel overwhelmed, insecure or unsafe.

The comfort zone limits personal growth:

Our comfort zone is either a literal place or a set of experiences and actions that we’re most comfortable with. Therefore, not a lot of personal growth happens in our comfort zone. My goal is to spend as much time in the stretch zone as possible after lockdown, I want to really push myself to live more, grow more and experience more of what life has to offer.

It’s boring:

Living your life in the comfort zone tends to become stagnant after a while, so I’m adding in little steps to expand my comfort zone/spend more time in the stretch zone this Summer. That’s not to say the comfort zone isn’t important or serves it’s purpose, but spending all your time in the limits of your comfort zone can become quite boring.

There’s exciting and new experiences to be had in the stretch zone:

If there’s one things that lockdown has taught me it’s what I’m comfortable with and what I’m uncomfortable with in terms of going places and being out and about and what not. What I’m doing to work on this is slowly introducing new experiences into my daily life. I’ve been doing this for the past month or so and already I’m experiencing a lot of personal growth, a reduction in my anxiety levels and improvement in my overall happiness with life.

So, that’s why I’m ditching the comfort zone after lockdown. I hope this post has left you with a little more understanding about the comfort zone and maybe has inspired you to leave it behind sometimes too and lastly, wherever you are on your journey – I wish you all the best.

Until next time,

Beth. x

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26 thoughts on “Why I’m Ditching The Comfort Zone After Lockdown

  1. I love this and totally agree! Lockdown has given us a new appreciation for the world and all of the great things that we can do. Good luck on your adventure.


  2. Definitely for me lockdown helped me improve my mental health. I have worked out more then I ever did in my life. I also have been journaling to help myself. But it’s so true that it’s good to get out of our comfort zones.


  3. Congratulations on taking those steps out of your comfort zone and doing something for yourself; growth. Lately, the signs I have been getting is that 3 is the magic number. we have three aspects to the mind, the Conscious, Subconscious, and the Super Conscious. We are Mind, Body and Soul. Christians believe in the Son, the Father and The Holy Ghost. I read a quote someone had posted on SM from the Quaran; It meantions three veils of darkness in pregnancy 39:6. Scientists say these refer to: 1. anterior abdominal wall of the mother 2. the uterine wall 3. the amnio-chorionic membrane. And now your post. Everything in Threes. Three is definitely the magic number.

    Thank you for your post (and my inadvertent spiritual realisation). Enjoy stepping out and stretching yourself. x


  4. I am glad that this year in lockdown brought you so many good things and that you decided to step out of your comfort zone! It sounds easier than done, but I completely agree that there are so many opportunities waiting out there when we step out of comfort x


  5. I feel so much like you. Lockdown and the pandemic tore through my plans and made everything I know wrong. I’ll be saying yes to everything when lockdown has lifted!



  6. This is the sort of positive post that I needed to read today! I agree with you girl, I need and want to step out of my comfort zone once more restrictions are lifted, after being locked away for the majority of the last twelve months, I need to get out there and do things, I feel like I need to catch up on what I should have been doing in 2020! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk


  7. Yes! It’s good to move out from your comfort zone when lockdown is over. After all you have achieve so many things during lockdown right. So it’s time for a new adventure.


  8. I love the positivity in this post! I’ve never realized about the three zones of anxiety but I definitely have experienced all three. I will definitely keep this post in mind for the future. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Loved your post. It’s true lockdown has taught us many things. I would also love to be in the stretch zone. I have also started my blog in this pandemic. Something that I have never done before. And I am loving it.
    Thanks for this post.


  10. This is a wonderful post – I’m 100% guilty of typically choosing the comfort zone over others as I’m a person who thrives on routine and structure. I really enjoyed this quite from your post ” I’m not saying the key to happiness is solely built on preparing for the future, no, I personally think it’s about finding that balance between happiness, joy and contentment in the now and excitement for what’s to come.” this really spoke to me and what I’m trying to push myself to do! Thanks for sharing this.


  11. I love this! I am always sticking to my comfort zone but the past year really has taught me that life is too short, that I need to take risks and try new things! Excellent post, thanks for sharing!


  12. Getting our freedom back will definitely feel uncomfortable to most of us, but uncomfortable can indeed be a lot more exciting 🙂


  13. This is my first time hearing “stretch zone”! It truly resonates with me. That’s what I’m going to think of from now on, every time I want to stay in my comfort zone. I really like that name better than the “growth zone” 🙂 Thank you for sharing this information. It’s been very helpful 😀

    Mari | http://www.dazedmari.com


  14. Love this, agree even though lockdown has been a challenge it has also given me time to recover, look after and understand my mental health more – especially this last UK lockdown. I’m now ready to take on the world


  15. Lockdown has given us clarity, a time to reflect. I completely agree, there’s no time to stay in our comfort zones anymore, I’m with you on this one!

    Tx. // Winning and Worthy


  16. YES! It can be so hard doing hard things and stepping out of your comfort zone – but the more we do it the easier and more thrilling I believe it becomes.


  17. I’m totally with you, it’s great to step out of our comfort zones and find new paths to growth. And I think it’s a cool idea to make an opportunity out of this big transition and mark the time for a personal shift. I hope you discover some new and exciting things, and maybe learn a bit about yourself!


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