7 Ways Meditation Helps Me

So I posted a blog post earlier this week about the 4 ways yoga helps me and I thought as a continuation of that I’d talk about meditation and the benefits I’ve found it has. Meditation, for me, is both a personal, spiritual practise, as I’m sure it is for a lot of people, I’ve been meditating now for almost a year and in that time I’ve noticed huge changes in how I feel.

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So, here are the 7 ways meditation helps me:

Helps me process emotions:

By learning to sit with and either explore or simply observe your emotions, you learn to process them a lot better. Rather than reacting instantly to an emotion, taking time to pause and reflect, whether that’s just in the moment or through meditation practises, you learn to process these feelings in a more healthy way. All emotions are transitory, some may take longer than others to pass, but meditation definitely helps me process them.

Combating negative thoughts:

Learning to observe your thoughts is the first step in combating negative thoughts, and I do this through meditation. Thoughts are like clouds, I don’t know where I heard this from, but I like this idea. Some pass over really quickly, others hang overhead and linger. With time and practise, meditation can be used as a tool in combating negative thoughts in a subtle way – by simply sitting with them, letting them have their time and then ‘watching’, or visualising them float away.

Offers a fresh perspective on life’s problems:

We all have our problems in life, and I find that after meditating I can come back to an issue and see it in a new, more rational light. I can often see solutions to problems that I’ve been ruminating over after I’ve spent, say, 30 minutes meditating.

Reduces Anxiety:

If I’m feeling particularly anxious, I’ll take the time out of my day to meditate – to focus on my breathing and simply observe my anxious state until it subsides. While it’s not a cure, it definitely helps.

Reduces Stress Levels:

If you’re having a particularly stressful day then taking time out to meditate can definitely help in reducing stress levels and bringing you back into the present moment.

Better Sleep:

I usually meditate in the evenings and I find that I think a lot less, ruminate a lot less, before I go to sleep. I can get to sleep quicker and wake up a lot less too.

Helps Me Connect Spiritually:

I don’t really talk a lot about my spiritual beliefs on here, I suppose in some ways I’m still trying to articulate what it is I believe in. Nonetheless, meditating definitely helps me connect spiritually to myself, it enables me to connect with my higher self and so much more.

So those are the seven ways meditation helps me, do you meditate? How do you find it?

Until next time,

Beth. x

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28 thoughts on “7 Ways Meditation Helps Me

  1. Great post and love this list! I’m a long time yogi and love meditative movement, but as of late, I’ve been working on meditative stillness. Be well. ✌


  2. I absolutely agree with what you are suggesting in this post! It’s hard sometimes to be able to let yourself go, but when it happens it’s amazing! Thanks for sharing.


  3. I am so glad meditation works so well for you. It only takes such a small part of our day but the benefits are so helpful. I seem to only do meditation in yoga but I need to incorporate this into my everyday routine.



  4. I love meditation late in the evening, I really do find it helps me calm and relax after the day! It’s wonderful to read about all the benefits you get from it – thanks for sharing.


  5. Meditation is a great way to clear your mind! I usually meditate in the morning as it’s a great way to start the day, but I’ve started trying it in the evenings too!


  6. I love this. I’ve tried meditating so many times and I’m just not good at it at all. You’ve inspired me to give it another try!


  7. Hi Beth. Those sound like some very valuable benefits to meditation. For somebody that has never tried it … how do you start? Seated or lying down? With music or in silence? How long for? And, most importantly, what do you actually ‘do’? Thanks.


  8. Great post! I always found that I have a really hard time meditating because my brain just won’t stop. I really need to try and do it more, I’m sure with practice it would really help.


  9. This was a wholesome read, it’s great that it’s helping you so much :- ) For me, the effects of meditation have been probably a bit more subtle and hard to define but I really like it and I’m aiming to do it more regularly because it can be really easy to just let it slip and kind of forget about it :- )



  10. Great read! I never tried meditation. Generally I am a calm person and usually enjoy spending time on my own trying to avoid negative and stressful thoughts. I guess it is some sort of meditation. After reading this post I will try to look into it. Thank you


  11. I meditate every day to help me deal with my anxiety and bipolar disorder. Since I started, it has turned my life around, and I look forward to my meditation sessions; sometimes, I only do a ten minute one if I’m running short of time. But I think to get the most out of it, the twenty-five min guided ones are best. Thanks for the post. There are some excellent points on there.


  12. Love this post! I just started meditating this year and have already seen so many benefits. It is so great to see others experiencing the same results and drawing attention to meditation and mindfulness practices.


  13. I am trying to get back into the habit of meditating more because it has been so helpful for me with anxiety. I love feeling refreshed and motivated after!


  14. So true! Meditation is great. I took the science of well being course and meditation is one of the recommendations! It does help me sleep better and feel happier too!


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