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I realise it’s been a little while since I’ve last posted, truth is I’m struggling a little bit for ideas at the moment. I have tons of mind maps and lists of ideas, but none that I’ve fleshed out into full blog posts just yet. So, I thought today would be a good chance to have a good old catch up with you guys as to how life’s been lately.

notebook, pen and some badges
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Life lately has been pretty good overall, you know I said in a previous post that I’m planning to ditch the comfort zone after lockdown? Well, I’m getting there. I’m feeling good, most of the time, I’m feeling grateful for what I have and optimistic and excited about the future, most of the time.

Recently I did a huge social media declutter. I’d had the same facebook account since I was about thirteen and so I deleted it and made a new one. I’ve also archived most of my Instagram posts on both my poetry and main accounts, so I’ve really got that fresh start feeling.

I’ve been reading a lot lately, mostly non-fiction self-help books but I’ve been meaning to get back into reading fiction lately and have purchased a few new fiction books off Amazon.

I’ve also been meaning to purchase an online/distance course to keep myself busy and keep myself looking forward towards the future, as well as just for the enjoyment of learning in the here and now, but it’s difficult finding a day where I’m going to be in for it to be delivered. I’ve found one in creative writing and another in social media marketing and I plan on doing both at some point in the near future.

I’m really working on my personal growth lately, I realised agoraphobia had been running my life for far too long and I’m slowly making progress at working on this anxiety I have. Sure, there’s still times when I’m in the shop and I can feel an anxiety attack coming, or I feel faint, but I’m getting there. I’ve had enough of taking small steps forwards, and big steps back so I’m tempted just to dive in and live my life regardless of any anxiety I might feel, but then again I don’t want to put myself off of going out places in case I do end up having a anxiety attack so I’m still taking it step by step.

I’m really happy though because it feels like my world is slowly expanding again after being funnelled down for so long. It’s about five years now since I first began avoiding going out due to my anxiety levels, and I’m finally making progress and I’m so proud of myself for coming this far.

It’s important though with anxiety to take things at your own pace and to expect to have ‘off’ days, especially now since we’re coming out of lockdown and things are going to be returning to being busy again, it’s important to take things at our own pace and do whatever works best for ourselves.

Anyway, other than that, I’ve not been up to much, just treating myself to new jeans, new books and soon some new pots and pans. I want to change my kitchen’s colour scheme from rose gold and copper to mint green and lilac.

Blogging is going really well, each month I build on the success of the previous month and it’s really motivating thing for my statistics to increase each month. Sure, my blog’s growth is slow, but I’m getting so much more engagement on my content now compared to my previous blog, Quirks and Queries, and reading the comments sections on each blog post is really motivating too.

So, that’s how my life has been lately. I’m planning on starting an online/distance learning course soon, I’m working on my anxiety and planning on buying some bits and bobs for my kitchen. I really want to get back into baking sometime soon, something I haven’t really done since my mid teens and I mean I’ve got the cupboard space now.

That’s all for this blog post,

Until next time,

Beth. x

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20 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. You should be proud of yourself for sure! It sounds like you’ve made some really great steps forward. And I agree, we definitely all need to be reminding ourselves to take it slow as we come out of this lockdown ❤


  2. It’s great to hear that you’re getting on better. I love that you’re looking at distance learning courses, there are lots of free ones too but I’ve really enjoyed completing them over the lockdown. Keep going strong, you’ve got this! Em x


  3. I’m so proud to see that you’re making small steps with your anxiety and agoraphobia. I suffered for far too long and couldn’t go anywhere for ages. The thought of stepping into a shop – even a tiny one – was too much. I’m now pretty much anxiety free and those small steps and small goals I set myself along the way REALLY helped get me to where I am. So I’m really rooting for you! And if you ever need someone to chat to, I’m always about! xxx


  4. Taking small steps is so important and you should be proud of yourself in taking these steps! I’m a big fan of distance learning and did much of my last two years of my undergrad degree using this format! Take care and thanks for sharing.


  5. That is so great that you are making steps to move forward. Taking smaller steps makes it more manageable for you. The online course sounds great. I hope it goes really well for you.



  6. This was such great news to hear! So proud of you for taking all of these steps to help with your anxiety and agoraphobia. Can’t wait to see the colour change in the kitchen! Keep going, you’re doing amazing x


  7. Thank you for sharing this post. You are making such incredible steps with your anxiety – I know that a lot of people reading this will feel inspired by you!



  8. Glad to hear that you’re focusing on progress and growth! While pushing out of comfort zones can be tough, it is rewarding to see the results. Wishing you luck on all your goals and plans!


  9. It is great to know you are doing better. We all should be grateful for all that we have today in our lives. This pandemic has sure taught us some good lessons in life.


  10. really proud of you for taking steps to address your agoraphobia and pushing yourself to try new things/keeping yourself busy. wishing you the best!


  11. I’m so happy that you’re making progress and you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. It might seem difficult at first but it’s essential for your personal growth. Big hugs to you! ❤


  12. Well done, Beth, it sounds as though you are making excellent progress. Go at your own pace and, periodically, as with this post, remind yourself of the progress that you have made as this will encourage you to keep going. Good luck with the baking, too – my wife loves baking and I love that she loves it as I get to sample the results 😉


  13. Sounds like you’ve got some big plans ahead of you! The idea of a social media declutter sounds good too, might need to look at that myself.


  14. I read you have made a great progress! That is so good for you. What I have realized is that when we take a moment to understand how much we have done we empower ourselves for even more.
    Keep on the great work ☺️


  15. This is a good post, i love that you are making progress and keeping yourself busy!


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