June 2021 Goals

So I’m back this month with another monthly goals post, if you haven’t read my May 2021 Goals you can do so here. This month, I’m really hoping to take that next step in terms of getting out of my comfort zone. I feel as though I’m getting used to going to the shop, I’ve given myself time to get used to doing this and I feel like I’m ready to take that next step at conquering my anxiety.

Photo by Steph Cruz on Unsplash

I’m in a really good place at the moment, and I kind of want to keep on building on this.

So, with that in mind, here’s my June 2021 Goals:

Blogging & Social Media:

Reach 100 followers on my poetry Instagram:

I’ve been running a poetry Instagram for just less than a year, and while I mostly do it to document how I feel and where I’m at with my poetry, it is nice to see my followers increasing. I’m hoping to reach 100 followers on there this month, so if you’re into reading poetry you might like to check out my poetry Instagram here.

Reach 3000 views on my blog:

For the past two months I’ve been getting around 700-800 views, which I’m really happy with given the fact my blog’s only been about since February/March. I’m hoping to reach 3000 all time pageviews on my blog this month, and depending on how it goes I’m going to push for an 1000 view month.

Publish 8 blog posts:

I’ve tried to keep to a schedule of posting at least twice a week, but that doesn’t really work for me. Instead, I’m just going to try and post 8 times, which is the equivalent of twice a week, but allows me some time to get inspired and write.

Reply/Return Comments On My Blog:

This was my goal last month too and I’m really good at returning comments that have been left on my blog, even if it does sometimes take me a day or two, but I’m not so good at actually replying to comments. I just feel like I don’t have much time, but I’m still going to try meet this goal anyway.

Publish 3 Poems To My Poetry Instagram:

I’ve not been posting as much to my poetry Instagram as of late, and it didn’t help that I deleted all the poems I had on the notes section on my phone a few months ago, but I’ve got a few ideas and I’m sure I’ll feel inspired enough to write at some point during June so I’m making it my goal to post 3 poems onto my Instagram.


Enrol on an online course:

This was my goal for May, but time slipped away from me so I’m making it my goal to enrol on an online course this month.

Finish reading at least 1 fiction book:

I’ve been on a bit of a non-fiction vibe lately, but I really want to vary up what I read and I’ve got a few fiction books sitting on my TBR pile so hopefully I’ll get round to reading one or two of them.

Declutter My Wardrobe:

I’ve got way too many clothes, I’ve got a wardrobe full, a chest of drawers full and two baskets full of clothes – and that’s not including the ones littered about my floor. This month, I really want to get my life in order and I think it’ll start by decluttering my wardrobe of clothes I haven’t worn in a while.

So those are my goals for this month. What are you hoping to achieve this month?

Until next time,

Beth. x

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Hi there, I'm a lifestyle blogger/content creator/poet from Shropshire, just blogging my way through life.

41 thoughts on “June 2021 Goals

  1. I hope you achieve your goals! I think for this month, my only personal goal is to be able to declutter stuff to make space in my bedroom, kinda hard when you’re sharing it with siblings tbh haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good luck with your goals! And keeping the goal as 8 posts instead of twice a week does make things a little flexible, so it’ll work out for you. Hope June is kind and good to you x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent goals, thank you for sharing. I am also really into poetry and write a lot of it too so lovely to engage with more blogging poets. Your poetry gram is fantastic! Wishing you the best of luck reaching your June goals x

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  4. Hope you accomplish all or at least most of your goals for this month.
    My this month goal is to reach 100 followers on my blog and over 500 views.
    The biggest goal us to put myself first and calm down my stress levels at work cause they hit a really high score.
    Thank you for sharing!

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  5. This post reminded me to review the goals I set for this month which is really important. One of my goals is also to read a book. Good luck on your goals! You got this! xxx

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  6. These are wonderful goals – it really sounds like you’ve taken some time to reflect on what works best for you and what is realistically achievable! Best of luck with the month of June and your goals – rooting for you!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Your goals are motivating me to finally meet my goal of picking up a book this month. Reading is so important but sometimes so hard to find the motivation to start. Go you! x

    Liked by 1 person

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