How To Practise Gratitude + Why It’s So Beneficial For Your Wellbeing

Recently, I began practising daily gratitude again and I suppose that’s what inspired me to write this blog post. Practising gratitude is beneficial for your wellbeing and mental health for a number of reasons, the main one being is that it trains your brain to see the positive. We all know that the energy we put out into the world is the energy we get back, so it makes sense that by practising gratitude we are training our brains into viewing and perceiving the world we live in and the lives we lead in a more positive manner.

In the past I have used Mal Paper’s Daily Goal Setter planner, which is a great planner, to practise gratitude as it had a small section each day to jot down what I had to be grateful for. Nowadays, I use the 6 Minute Diary, which has sections for gratitude, how I made today great, what I can do to improve as well as weekly happiness questions. I find this better for gratitude as it’s more targeted towards happiness and wellbeing.

But you can practise gratitude in any way you see fit, even on a piece of scrap paper. Personally, I like to have it all in one place so any journal or notebook will do for this exercise.

Most people start by simply listing off a few things each morning or evening that they have to be grateful for but I find it helpful to go one step further and ask myself why I’m grateful for these things. I.e I’m grateful for my dogs because they make me happy and pet therapy is very important for my mental health.

It’s by asking ourselves these ‘whys‘ that we begin to see the reason why these things we’re grateful for are so important to us and once we understand their importance we can appreciate them all the more.

I’ve personally found happiness through practising daily gratitude and I find it’s a great habit to pick up, especially if you’ve been feeling low and a bit stagnant in life. I’ve found when I’m in the ritual of practising gratitude, I’m a much more positive and upbeat person compared to when I don’t practise it. It’s easy to forget sometimes what we have in our life that brings us abundance, joy and happiness. So therefore it’s important for our wellbeing to practise gratitude daily.

So that’s how and why practising gratitude is so important for our wellbeing.

9 Books I’m Currently Reading: Spring 2021

I’m not sure whether or not I’m going to be able to get through all of these books throughout Spring but I’m going to at least try.

Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King

At the moment I’m really working on improving my quality of life, and that starts from within. So I’m turning to books in order to help me grow as a person and I’m looking forward to sitting down with a cup of mulled wine flavoured tea and reading this book.

Pillow Thoughts 2 by Courtney Peppernell

I really enjoyed reading this series, but the 2nd part was out of stock on Amazon when I first went to order the series after enjoying the first book. Thankfully, it was back in stock when I went to look for a 2nd time. I’m about half way through this poetry book so far and I’m really enjoying it.

Uncaged Wallflower by Jennae Cecelia

I’ve already read this poetry book and this along with ‘I am more than a daydream; are probably my favourites pieces of work by this author.

Light Is New Black by Rebecca Campbell:

I’ve been wanting to read a more spiritual book for quite a while and when I spotted this on Amazon I just had to get it. I had no idea where to start with spirituality, but this one just pulled me in with it’s clear chapters and it just looks like a decent read.

The Mermaid’s Voice Returns In This One by Amanda Lovelace

I’m trying to cut back on my poetry a little bit as I’ve been through a bit of a poetry-binge lately. But there’s still a few poetry books I’m yet to finish reading, including this one.

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

I’ve heard a lot of people say good things about this book and I just love the story’s premise.

How To Stop Time by Matt Haig

I’ve basically purchased all of Matt Haig’s books because they’re easy to find on Amazon and they look pretty on my bookshelf but I’m hoping to have read them all by the end of Spring.

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given

Another book I’ve heard great things about is women don’t owe you pretty. I’ve made a start on it and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m not normally one for informative books but I feel as though the message it sends is very important.

Notes On A Nervous Planet by Matt Haig

I’m about half way through Notes On A Nervous Planet at the moment and I’m really enjoying the shorter chapters that make it so easy to read. It’s full of facts and personal anecdotes and it’s just a pleasant bit of light reading.

Beauty Bay And PLT Make Up Haul

I fancied purchasing some make up and I love reading about other people’s hauls so I thought I’d do one myself.

I’m still unsure as to the direction I’m going with this blog, so I’m just kind of experimenting with different blog post types and seeing what sits well with my readers.

So today I wanted to talk a little bit about makeup and my recent purchases. I’ve seen a lot of people using soap brows recently, and as much as I like my eyebrows the way they are; I don’t really do much to them. I just wanted to try it out and so far I’m liking it. I can my eyebrows a little more fluffy and they hold in place quite well.

These are probably my four favourite products from the haul.: Beauty Bay’s Pastels Palette, Revolution Rehab Soap Styler, Viva Glitter body balm in Teal time and Revolution’s Powder Matte Lipstick in Teddy.

Another product I really like the look of is the Beauty Bay Pastels Palette. The colours are just so pretty and I’ve been using it religiously for the past week or so. It’s the perfect palette for adding a pop of colour to your face during the colder months and looks great going into Spring.

Of course, my favourite product that I bought was Barry M’s Kohl in White. I just love using white eyeliner. I feel it makes my eyes look bigger and I just can’t get enough of it. For me a white eyeliner just complete any eye make up look.

Some of the other products I purchased were Revolution Forever Flawless Dynamic Ambient Eutopia Palette, Concealer, Colour Correcting Concealer – I’m a regular buyer of Revolution products – Some blue body glitter because even though I’m not going to any festivals this summer it doesn’t mean I can’t do my make up as though I am.

I also bought a few lipsticks, some nail polish and a pineapple lip mask. Expect more make up reviews in the near future as I try out some of these products and more from subsequent hauls.

Until next time,


Why You Don’t Need To Glow Up

I think it’s most important to do whatever is best for you in life.

In recent years the idea of a glow up has become very prominent on social media. We as a society believe in this idea that after a hardship such as a break-up, you need to have suddenly and drastically change your physical appearance in order to be seen as having moved on from such an event. At it’s core, a glow up is simply about having the confidence to be your best self, but I think social media takes away from that concept and further perpetuates the idea that you need to be seen as having had a glow up in order to feel as though you’ve had one.
Well, I guess I just wanted to pop on here and say that you don’t need to glow up. You don’t need to suddenly appear more attractive to other people than what you used to look like. You don’t need to do anything.
Of course, moving on from such hardships is very important for your wellbeing and I’m not trying to take away from that. It’s never good to stay in a negative place emotionally forever and while ‘glowing up’ can be a natural and very important part of the process of moving on for some people, it’s not necessary.
It’s important to remember that you are already complete within yourself, you already have everything you need to succeed in whatever you choose to do in life and physical appearance really isn’t as important as you think it is.
Sure, glow ups can be great and when you look at your own before and afters it can really boost your self-esteem. In my opinion though, I think it’s more important to prioritise how you feel on the inside as opposed to how people may perceive you.
I’ve seen plenty of glow up challenges that focus on looking after yourself through staying hydrated, eating well and exercising and I think these are great ways of perceiving the idea of a glow up but as a society we focus way too much on appearance and how we appear for the gram.
For now, I just wanted to leave you with the message that if you are in this position where you feel you need to drastically change your appearance and have a glow up because you’re not happy with who you are as a person, remember that you are already whole within yourself and that should be the most important thing at the end the day.

Until next time,
Beth. x

Illamasqua Beyond Powder Highlighter in Deity Review

So I’m doing my first beauty review today and it’s of a highlighter I stumbled upon on Amazon for about £26. I don’t wear highlighters on a daily basis, but I enjoy doing make up looks with them from time to time and if I’m feeling particularly adventurous then I’ll wear it on my cheekbones and the tip of my boop.

Highlighter and book flatlay

To start with the packaging of this product is really sleek and looks very expensive. I’ve never tried an Illamasqua product before because £26 for one product is a little out of my price range, I mean I’ve tried free samples from them but I wasn’t exactly wowed by them, so in all honesty I don’t know why I purchased this product, but what I will say is I’m very impressed with it.

highlighter close-up

It’s a bit more yellow-toned to what I’d normally opt for in a highlighter. You’ll usually, if and when I decide to where it, catch me in a more pinky/blush hue. However, I am really appreciating the subtle illuminating glow this highlighter gives me which makes it perfect for daily use.

Hihghlighter swatch

Applying the product is super easy, I just use one of my revolution highlighter brushes and apply it. It’s almost creamy and buttery in texture, which is strange considering it’s a powder, but I really like it’s subtle glittery goodness.

Overall, I’d say this product wasn’t entirely worth the price in my opinion but if you’re looking for a treat then I’d definitely recommend it, especially if you’re more into subtlety.

8 Recommended Games To Play On The Nintendo Switch

So for today’s post I wanted to have a little chat about the games I’ve been playing on my Nintendo Switch this year.

Team Sonic Racing:

This game for me is perfect for passing the time if you’re not looking to focus to hard on a game. It’s got a multiplayer and a story-based mode so it’s pretty decent.

Final Fantasy X/X-2:

I played Final Fantasy XV a few years ago and I absolutely loved it, so I treated myself to the HD remaster of X/X-2. I’m hoping the 100+ hours of gameplay will keep me occupied for a long time.

Divinity Original Sin:

My sister actually recommended this game to me and at first I didn’t like the look of it, but after a glass of mulled wine over Christmas while listening to the soundtrack I thought hey ho let’s go for it.

Xenoblade Chronicles:

I broke my switch back in January and I lost all my save data for Xenoblade so I’m going to have to restart this one soon. What I’ve played of it I really enjoyed.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

Again, I lost all my save data for this one, but I quite enjoy it for when I need to be mindful and stay in the present a bit more.

Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee:

Now this one really annoyed me as I was so close to completing it and then I lost all my save data, so I’m going to have to start it again when I have a bit more time on my hands. I’m also really looking forward to the re-releases of Diamond and Pearl.


A game I’m now bloody sick of, but I’ll probably play it all over again is Skyrim. I’m so looking forward to The Elder Scrolls 6 when it finally comes out, but in the mean time I’ll be chilling on this game.

The Witcher 3:

I’ve played this game a little bit and I really love the open world but I just haven’t invested enough of my time into playing this game yet. It seems so good though.

So those are the games I’m playing in 2021. What video games are you currently playing on as I could do with some recommendations?

4 Goals For 2021

I know we’re in March already, but I honestly haven’t had the best start to the year. I had a bit of a relapse just after Christmas in terms of my mental health and I’ve been struggling ever since. Usually my episodes last around six months or so, so I’m just in the process of waiting it out and trying to manage my symptoms.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Read 20 Books:

I set my goodreads goal to 10 last year and I actually managed to reach it so this year I’m aiming for a bit more to help expand what I read about. If you want to see what I’ve been reading you can check out the goodreads widget at the bottom of the webpage.

Reach 5000 pageviews:

Starting a new blog from scratch has proven to be a bit of a slow burner. When I ran Quirks and Queries I was getting about 2500 views in my first month but now I’m only averaging about 100. It’s okay though, it’s still early days and I’m still finding my footing in terms of what I write about and still trying to figure out what it is I want from this second blog.

Move house:

I’m moving house this year as I’ve been at my current flat for around 2 years. I’m obviously not going to say where I’m moving to but I’m hoping it’ll be the fresh start I need.

Finish first draft of my Sci-Fi/Romance/Drama novel:

I’m currently working on my debut novel that I hope to release at some point in my life, I’m not sure when yet it just depends what happens further down the road.

I’m not setting myself too many goals this year as I want to be quite free with how I lead my life and I don’t want to be too rigid with my routine anymore. As much as I love to keep things the same, I think it’s time I accept change a bit more.

So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’ll continue to look back over these goals throughout the year and see where it is that I am.

Until next time,

Beth. x

Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass by Lana Del Rey Poetry Book Review

Another recent addition to my collection of poetry books is Lana Del Rey’s book ‘Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass’.

Possibly one of my most favourite poetry books that I’ve read is Lana Del Rey’s Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass.

I really liked this collection as it was much different to the shorter style poems I usually read. Each poem told a unique and interesting story and I really felt the impact of a lot of them. Nestled in the back of the collection was some haikus. I don’t normally read haikus but I really enjoyed reading Lana Del Rey’s.

My favourite poem in all the collection was SportCruiser. It’s a lovely long poem about learning to fly and dealing with self-doubt and self-acceptance. It struck a chord with me, though I’m not sure entirely why.

I’ve found that reading this poetry book has helped with my own poetry as well, it’s made me feel a lot more free with what I write about and has helped break down some of the boundaries I had put in place with my own writing.

I would recommend reading this book if you’re in the mood for some thought-provoking poems. Poems that really make you think about life and love and what not.